29 Jun

The fragrances that awaken our senses are the ones we adore the most. Close your eyes, take a hit of golden yellow smoke with its pure aroma and full of flavour. We suggest you inhale steam slowly and let it stay on the tongue before you lower it to your lungs! Then you will feel what is the magic inside the Shake Shake Flavour.

But the real question is whom to choose, Air Bar Max or Air Bar Lux?

Well, both the pods come from the Suorin company but with a slight difference in the range of battery power, puff count, flavor count and salt nicotine concentration. However the taste of Shake Shake flavour stays the same with rich mix of creams and bright shades of fruits with the darkest, and the result is unique. Inhale you will taste exotic milk-based creams that appear to form together a magical flavour erased with the soft tart feeling. In a nutshell, it’s a full, complete replenishment liquid that keeps its promises.

Shake Shake - A Tidal Wave Of Creams

Shake Shake by Air Bar Max Disposable Vape comes with an in-built battery of 1250mAh, vape juice capacity of 6.5ml, 50mg salt nic strength and 2000 puff count.

Shake Shake by Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape on the other hand comes with an in-built battery of 500mAh, vape juice capacity of 2.7ml, 50mg salt nic strength and 1000 puff count.

The ergonomic design of both the pods promises handy grip while the lightweight structure takes care of the portability. You can access the disposables anytime of the day without worrying about refilling, recharging and maintaining. In both the pods, there’s an airflow adjustment bottom, where you can adjust the size of the smoke according to your needs. And, the draw activated firing mechanism makes sure you vape right away after inhaling the pod in your mouth.

This flavour is a unique blend, offering an absolutely amazing vaping effect. It focuses on the vanilla-cream duet. At the top of these comes a rich layer of smoke with a soft touch of cream aftertaste. The VG/PG blend of 70/30 in both the pods makes it ideal to vape all day long. This flavour is not just a simple shake, but an explosive combination of vanilla and creams that perfectly tie with fruity notes. You’ll think you are having a dream, but you’ll really live it.

Moist Light & Smooth Like Silk Taste

Are you looking for a recipe that causes delicious shock to every palate? Take off with Shake Shake for a luxurious cream-coated vape experience. It will take you back to the golden age when smoke didn’t dilute and you could taste all its kinds clean. For younger vapers, it’s a throwback to cream shakes with a strong and clear profile that distinguishes both in taste and texture.

Who decided to give the name Shake to creams and vanilla? It hardly matters at this point. Shake Shake by Air Bar Max and Air Bar Lux is one of the top-selling flavours that delivers the richness of flavour that you’ve expected. There is plenty of enjoyment in each pod. The only thing you need to decide is the puff count and other vape juice capacity. Lux Bar lasts up to 1000 puffs while the Max Bar lasts up to 2000 puffs. So choose accordingly!

There are other common flavours too between these pods like Berry Shake, Apple Shake, and so on. Remember, it is not for sale to minors and pregnant women. You must be at least 21 to use!

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