17 Jun

Whether you have decided to start vaping in favor of a comparatively less health-damaging option than tobacco consumption or you are keen on having the first puffing experience with the draws of vaporous nicotine; crossing over the vaping tide can be a bit intimidating.

In this blog, we will walk you through some of the basics about vaping and a little history right from a simple e-cig to the current trend of disposables like Puff XXL and Puff Bar XXL that’ll give you a rudimentary idea on selecting the right vape unit as a beginner.

Clearing the definition

Despite knowing its definition, many of you must still be skeptical about how vaping happens. So, before we move ahead, let us first clear ourselves on this. In vaping, the vaper inhales the vaporous e-juice that comprises a very low level of nicotine, vegetable glycerine, propyl glycol, and some flavoring compounds. This e-juice is exposed to heating with the use of a battery that could be rechargeable or disposable and a resistance coil that is wrapped around a wicking material(cotton, generally). The coil heats up as soon as the current flows from the battery towards it, this evaporates the vape juice infused with nicotine. The resultant nicotine vapors come out for the vaper to enjoy the ultimate throat hits. The process is uber fast, as soon as the vaper draws the vape or pushes the button, the nic clouds are experienced.

Walking through the vaping formats

  • It was 1963 when the first non-tobacco cigarette was formed that had the look and feel of the conventional cigarette but this model expired before it could be commercialized.
  • Only after the huge gap, was in 2003 when a Chinese inventor again came up with the idea of an electronic cigarette that worked on an ultrasound technology of creating nic-imbued vapors of an e-liquid comprising the same.
  • This innovation marked the dawn of many kinds of vaping devices in future years. In the line were the vape pens, the box mods, disposables, and mechanical mods. Marked for their ease and convenience, these lacked an intense sensation of strong and smooth cloud productivity which led to the DIY vaping culture where vaping maniacs started experimenting with their own flavor preparations and creating their own coil resistance to suit their kind of airflow. This led to a growing industry of vaping accessories-e-liquids, replacement coils, vape tanks, and battery options.
  • The above historical trajectory comes down as under-
    • Pen-style mods
    • Box-style mods
    • Pod Mods Or the Disposables
    • Mechanicals Mods

The Final Thought

At present, there are many options to select from. If you are a beginner then go for the disposables like Puff Bar and Big Bar Duo. But if you are confident to handle the box mods with top-notch hygiene and knowledge about changing the coils and filling the tanks then going for these will give an edge to tailor your own vape. There are many other preferences that you need to sort out according to your demands before you hit on the right match for your perfect plunge at vaping.

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